iTether App for iPhone Allows Tethering for One Time Fee

Apple has approved the iTether app for release in the App Store. The new app allows you to use the internet connection on your iPhone and share it with another device such as a Mac or PC over a USB connection.

A lot of rumours are hinting that Apple will pull the app soon as it could break the terms and conditions although the team behind the app have said that they have been completely open with Apple about what the app does and haven’t hidden any functions inside. It of course will bypass the fees that some carriers like to collect for tethering which is partly why we are surprised at Apple allowing the the app. The last app to be allowed on the app store that had this functionality was Netshare which was quickly pulled back in 2008. Rules have changed since then though.

To get it working you need to pay for the $14.99 app and download it via the App Store. When installed you then need to install some software on your PC or Mac. You then just need to tether your device to your computer and you then have a full internet connection.

To download the PC software visit:

To download the Mac software visit:

We don’t know if iTether will ever work with Bluetooth or WiFi, so for now you wont be able to connect up a WiFi iPad for example. But, for those with a laptop or computer this could be a cheaper way of tethering.

For those on the AT&T network you might get a warning or reminder from them that you are tethering in an unauthorised way, so make sure you go easy on your connection if using it.


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