iSketch for iPad Concept

If you like to use your iPad for drawing (with various apps), but prefer to sit it on a desk then you face the problem of the rounded back making it wobble around a tad.

What the iSketch concept aims to achieve is a platform which the iPad can sit or dock in to that sits the iPad flat on a desk. The iSketch dock has a docking port inside to allow the iPad to stay charged.

The accompanying sketch pen and plenty of sketching apps make it feel like creative-utopia for the moment, but only time and a real-life product review will tell if it’s worth the effort or not!

The iSketch is a concept and hasn’t been built yet. We are not even sure if it ever will be built, so for now you’ll need to find some other solution to sitting your iPad on a desk.

Via: Yanko Concept by Psychic Factory

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