iRiver S10 Review

iRiver S10
iRiver have created some nice MP3 players in the past. The next creation is the iRiver S10 which is a very small device. The screen is just 1.15 inches running at 96×128 pixels. The screen is OLED which is nice, bright and vibrant. With it being so small, iRiver have come up with a new way to control the device. Rather then put buttons all around the outside edge, the device works by tapping the top corners of the screen which reveals a menu. You can then work through this menu which has been designed very well. According to the reviewer at CoolTechZone it works flawlessly.

Around the iRiver S10 there are volume and power controls and at the bottom of the device is a microphone allowing for you to record on to it. The audio formats supported at MP3, WMA and OGG which isnt a great amount by any means, but still, most of my music, if not all is stored in MP3 as I suspect many of your are. As well as the iRiver S10 being able to play music, the OLED screen can be used to view photographs in .BMP format.

The iRiver S10 is a USB 2.0 device allowing for quick transfer of media and it is capable of storing 1GB or 2GB of data depending on which model you purchase. The Lithium-ion battery can provide power for about 8 hours which is fairly acceptable but not the best iRiver have done.

You can pick up the iRiver S10 for $170 which will get you the 2GB model. This is one I will be watching out for as it looks like an excellent little player.

Via: CoolTechZone

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