iPod touch to Get a 4 Inch Screen

The 6th generation iPhone rumours have continued to be written ever since the iPhone 4S launched. One of the big changes, other than a change of dock connector, is that the device might include a larger 4 inch screen. On all iPhone models Apple has opted for a 3.5 inch screen, but rumours have strongly suggested that Apple will break away and opt for a larger screen.

One device that we often forget about is the iPod touch. This is essentially an iPhone but without the 3G hardware inside that allows it to make calls. Rumours are now hinting that the next gen iPod touch will also get a larger 4 inch screen to match the iPhone.

Of course, this all makes sense because Apple would want to keep the same screen sizes across the two devices so that apps made for a current gen iPhone will also be seamlessly compatible with the iPod touch. What isn’t clear is how Apple will work with the larger screen for older apps. Perhaps they will just use some automatic stretching such as simple apps with basic text entry boxes having more lines of text available for example. Developer will want to move quick though to a larger format screen and adjust apps correctly so that they display correctly for all users.

Expect to hear more in the next few months about the plans of Apple. Also, note that Apple is also rumoured to be making an iPad mini which is believed to have a near 8 inch screen to tackle the mid-range market. Again, Apple will probably suggest that apps are recreated for the smaller screen (when compared to the regular 9.7 inch iPad) so that touch features are not made too small etc…

A lot of changes could happen this year with Apple products although the rumours might just end up being false like they have for the past 2 or 3 years in regard to screen sizes of the iPhone as well as the iPad mini which has cropped up since the launch of the original iPad in 2010.


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