iPod to have Touch Surface on back

iPod Touch Screen
I have seen quite a few Apple patents over the last several months since gadget venue was launched. The latest patent that has been found is for a touch surface on the back of the iPod which allows you to control what is on the front of the screen by touching the back of the device. It isnt all guess work though as when you touch the back of the iPod, some controls show up on the screen so you can see what you are doing. The surface is going to be touch sensative which means that if you slide your finger across the back, it will slide the cursor on the front, and if you press harder it will make a click.

This does sound like a cool idea and if we see something like the iPod next gen widescreen video player then this type of touch surface could be just the thing to add a nice twist to it. But, remember that right now it is just a patent and nothing that I know about has been done yet with the idea.

Via: Fosfor

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