iPod Rumours

A number of rumours and drawings of touch screen iPods have been going around the internet for a while now. Apple announced recently that 2007 will be their biggest year for devices. The iPod touch screen is one such rumour which methodshop even posted some iPod patent pictures early on this year.

iPod Touch Screen
Along with this rumour is more news (rumour) which say the touch screen iPod will have a wide screen aspect ratio unlike it’s would be competitor from MS, the Zune. If iPod do go ahead with this and rumours are true then the Zune is doomed. Well, maybe anyway 😉

A quote from someone anonymous…
‘In a very matter of fact tone I was told that the product was not designed for the current generation of device, but the official 6G iPod¦ which is to be released in December. His company’s device only comes onto the market shortly before then and would benefit hugely because the new iPod would sport a screen that filled the full side of the device and consequently offer higher resolution video¦ This is why Jobs isn’t afraid of the Zune,’ he said, though he had no knowledge of whether wireless would make an appearance.

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