iPod Nano with Video Camera – Hands-On

iPod-Nano-frontWired managed to get some time with the new iPod Nano announced yesterday. The new version of the nano now includes a small camera allowing you to capture video. Video on the new nano is captured in standard definition and although we’d all like to see HD captured these days it’s still a decent upgrade and welcomed.

The nano measures 3.6″ tall x 1.5 inches by 0.24 inches, so is very handy to carry around as an MP3 player and have the option of capturing video if needed. Please note that the iPod Nano doesn’t capture still images, or at least, it can’t be done yet.

Other features bundled in to the iPod Nano include an FM radio, pedometer that is compatible with Nike + as well as voice recording.

Two models are available with the 8GB costing $150 and the 16GB costing $180 and is available today.

Via: Wired

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