iPod Audio Menus Researched

Audio Menu
One thing that has often bugged me about my iPod is that I need to take it out of my pocket to see what track I want to change to. The inline remote control is good, but it still doesnt make it clear what you are going to listen to next unless you have your play lists memorised. Engineers from the University of Toronto and Microsoft Research are devising a system which uses audio for navigating menus. It is designed for devices such as the iPod with a circular menu system. It works by giving clues to the user allowing you to switch between songs and folders by listening to where you are.

The menu system is named earPod and can be seen in the image at the top of this post. The system is not quite ready to be launched, but reports have shown that it is quite impressive. Statistics that have been recorded show that with in 30 minutes of using this technology people can navigate two levels of earPod menus faster then the regular visual way.

The idea behind this is actually excellent as driving, running and other activities require your full visual attention and do not really make it safe to look at a screen. Using audio menus can help you achieve the same but with keeping your attention on what you are actually doing.

Via: TechnologyReview

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