iPhone ZX Spectrum Emulator

The ZX Spectrum launched back in the early 80s and with it, a number of games launched over the years that it was popular. Games included the likes of Chuckie Egg, Turbo Esprit amongst many other games.

An iPhone ZX Spectrum Emulator has been created that allows you to play (at the moment), six original and fully licensed games on the iPhone. Games included are listed below and form Volume 1. More volumes will follow that will bring even more classic games to the smartphone.

• Turbo Esprit – Fight against drug crime as a special agent searching for big-time heroine dealers. Making your way around different cities, you use your Lotus Esprit to locate and take out the criminals vehicles before they can deliver the goods.Turbo Esprit was claimed to have some of the most details, and be one of the first free-roaming driving titles of the era.

• Saboteur – Enter the role of a ninja, whose objective is to obtain a floppy disk with the names of rebel leaders. The disk is located in a warehouse, where you must climb ladders, travel through tunnels, and otherwise find your way to locating the disk and escaping the complex without dieing.

• Chuckie Egg – Hen-House Harry needs to collect all of the eggs to complete his mission. If he touches a hen or falls down a hole, he loses a life. Collect seeds to temporarily pause the game timer. Chuckie Egg is a platformer with the same general gameplay as some other classic titles like Lode Runner.

• Harrier Attack – Presumably based from the Falklands War, and the Harrier Jump Jet importance, Harrier Attack is a side-scrolling air-fighter game where you’ll bomb targets and attack enemy aircraft before returning to your base or aircraft carrier.

• Frank Bruno’s Boxing – The game is a trimmed down and slightly modified version, developed and published by Elite Systems
for the Commodore 64, the ZX Spectrum, and the Amstrad CPC, of the earlier Super Punch-Out boxing title by Nintendo.

• Buggy Boy – An original arcade style traditional racer where you will pit yourself against other dune buggies to complete courses in the shortest time possible. The cockpit view was said to be one of the most impressive of its time.

Check out a video demonstration below showing the games of Volume 1.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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