iPhone TomTom to get More Features

more-tomtom-iphone-featuresTomTom for iPhone recently launched and is soon to get a fancy new car kit. TomTom is priced quite high and possibly for this reason it seems to get lower ratings than the cheaper CoPilot. However, TomTom is about to get an upgrade which could bring it back in to the lead in the ratings.

New features for the iPhone version are soon to include Advanced Lane Guidance, a safety/speed camera database and possibly TomTom’s HD traffic system that aims to get you to your destination quicker.

This information was found by the guys at Pocket-Lint who managed to speak with a spokewomen from the TomTom company.

‘I can confirm that these upgrades will feature Advanced Lane Guidance and an updated safety camera database amongst other features¦ a spokewomen for the company told Pocket-lint.

There are no release dates known just yet for these new updates but it is expected to be a free update for current iPhone TomTom users.

Via: Gadgetlite


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