iPhone Tekken Confirmed

With the launch of Streetfighter IV for the iPhone and iPod Touch, along comes the news that another classic is heading to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. This time Tekken is going to be launched by Namco. When speaking with Pocket Gamer about iPhone Tekken, the anonymous source said that the game was far along in development and looking good.

To paraphrase, “the game is being finished up and it plays rather nicely.”

As of now it is not known if the game was started from scratch, or if it’s just an update to a PSP version that was launched a while back but either way it should run fantastic when launched on the iPhone 3G and 3G S.

It is unknown at the moment what features and players will be available in the game. Maybe they will limit it to just a few characters like Streetfighter IV, or maybe a full game will be packed in there. Also it is not known if multiplayer over WiFi will be available on the game although we suspect it will be.

It is unknown when Tekken will be launched on the iPhone and there are no plans as of yet to showcase it at any upcoming events. That’s not to say it wont happen as it seems it’s well on the way in terms of progress.

Via: Coated

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