iPhone Smartphone Share Drops a Little

The chart below was created by Chitika (the ad network) and shows smartphone usage across its network of a good number of websites. The numbers reveal that between August and September of this year that the Apple smartphone usage dropped 1.4% down to 48%. Filling the gap was RIM and and Samsung going up to 4% and 11%.

HTC and Motorola dropped 1% each and now have an 18% and 11% share.

Chitika is predicting that when the iPhone 5 launches that Apple will see a large jump in percentage share. If Apple launches on multiple carriers then that percentage will be higher.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced at the Apple iPhone event later on today. At this point, we’ll know which rumours were true and which were made up. Expect the October to November figures to show an increase in Apple smartphone usage on the Chitika network.


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