iPhone Premium App Store Rumour

apple-premium-app-storeWith Apple revealing their iPhone 3.0 software officially tomorrow there are also rumours moving around talking about official details of the Premium App Store being opened.

The Premium section to the App Store that is rumoured will be for premium apps only. Including in this line up would be premium games and applications that do not want to get lost in the clutter of the $1 apps. The titles would be a lot more in-depth and will more then likely be apps that would be used on a day to day basis and month to month rather then buy it, use it for a day and then forget about it like commonly happens now.

This “velvet rope” section of Apple’s store could feature software programs that cost $20 or more, making it friendlier to publishers whose products are too complicated to be created in one developer’s spare time. That change would make the App Store more friendly to game publishers, as well as enterprise software companies such as SAP that would otherwise prefer to focus on the more business-user targeted BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry is expected to launch its own app store, called the BlackBerry App World, later this month.

It would be great to see some apps that are more handy and more detailed. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Via: Wired

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