iPhone and Palm Pre Bundled in to One Device

If you can’t decide between an iPhone or a Palm Pre then perhaps this import device might be for you. According to the site that sells it, it’s a Palm Pre with QWERTY keyboard that not only has webOS running inside, it also has iOS (well, a fake iOS we should say). Looking closer at the pictures you can see it’s clearly not the real deal in terms of Apple [AAPL] software.

Other features include an iPhone home button, dual SIM card slots, 3 inch touchscreen with a 240 x 400 resolution, dual cameras, FM Radio, microSD card slot (up to 4GB), Bluetooth and WiFi.

It’s not a device we could recommend although if you don’t mind an awkward UI, a bit of annoyance and a phone that half works then head on over to M8Cool.

More details and pictures can be found over at MICGadget.

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