iPhone OS 4.0 Might get Built in Facebook App

Gizmodo are reporting today that the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 release could have Facebook integrated with the iPhone. This isn’t just another Facebook app mind you, it’s actually a deep integration.

The integration could include contact syncing collecting your iPhone contacts and Facebook contacts and storing them in a central location. Also direct connection with apps to Facebook like how the Photo section of the iPhone can already do.

Traces of code in the beta updates is indicating the heavy integration although nothing has been found or confirmed yet officially.

The bigger worry isn’t really the side where you are in control, it’s actually the integration that would give Facebook potential access to your iPhone to possibly update where you are, what you are doing and all sorts of other weird things. With the way Facebook privacy is heading, it wouldn’t surprise me that Facebook will be an integral part of the iPhone.

It’s not all too grim though and the above could be just worst case scenario. Handy features such as direct integration with text messages where you can send updates to friends via text that appears on their profile could happen. For those who like being connected on Facebook it could be a good thing. Lets just hope there are plenty of off buttons and that we are not forced to use it.

Via: Gizmodo

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