iPhone OS 3.0 Update Available Today

The Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update will launch today. The update includes a number of enhancements over previous versions of firmware. The update is free and should be ready for you to download on your iPhone today.

Enhancements include…
Cut, Copy & Paste which allows users to copy and paste text between applications. You are now able to copy entire blocks of text by just taping the screen. Images also can be copied and pasted around too.

A landscape keyboard is also included. The keyboard can be accessed when rotating the phone in to landscape mode.

MMS messages are also now included that allow video, photos and audio to be sent as well as contact information.

A new search feature is included named Spotlight Search which allows you to search your iPhone from 1 place. The software searches through contacts, email, calendar and notes as well as all your music stored on the phone.

Voice memos allow you to record meetings or just take memos while on the go.

Other features include changes to MS Exchange ActiveSync as well as many more. The full list can be found over on the Apple site.


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