iPhone Internet Tethering made possible in iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Launch

Apple [AAPL] has launched the latest beta for iPhone OS 4.0 which brings it one step closer to being launched for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4G when available.

One of the features found by users indicates that we might finally see internet tethering on the iPhone. The settings screens pictured above (and larger below) show the network settings page with a control for Internet Tethering over Bluetooth or USB. When selecting this option a screen is presented asking you to enable the account via a phone number or a website.

Of course this is not 100% proof that the feature will be built in to iPhone OS 4.0 from the start, but it’s a very strong indication that Apple and AT&T might finally deliver what was promised quite a while back.

Other changes made include a snappier Google Maps app as well as a number of cosmetic changes to the OS. It seems like Apple might be getting towards the end of the beta cycle and preparing for a full launch in the next few weeks… perhaps when the iPhone 4G is announced early in June.

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