iPhone Gets a Smart Cover thanks to TidyTilt

TidyTilt is a small version of the iPad 2 Smart Cover designed just for the iPhone 4/4S. To use the TidyTilt you just fold the case back and create a small stand for the iPhone when in landscape mode, or stand it up for watching movies. The case also acts as a headphone cable wrap.

Although we call it a Smart Cover, it’s actually very different as it isn’t designed to protect the iPhone screen. It also doesn’t attach to the iPhone automatically and it also doesn’t wake up or send the iPhone to sleep.

How it works is by attaching a magnetic strip around the back of iPhone that has magnets in it. The case then attaches to the back of the device and is simply used for propping up the phone or for wrapping around the headphone cables.

I quite like the idea of the case and expect it to sell well. Over on Kickstarter the team have already managed to reach the $10,000 goal they had set with a number of weeks still remaining.

Source Via: Gizmodo

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