iPhone to get Forward Facing Camera?

A new patent has been filed by Apple which indicates that the iPhone is to get a forward facing camera (about time!).

If the next gen iPhone is to get a front facing camera then this would allow for video calls to be made. A mixture of a high speed network and video calls make it a possibility as well as maybe video over Skype on the higher speed 802.11n.

Another item mentioned in the patent is a system that allows you to use the interface easier in situations such as when you are running. When running is detected (through the accelerometers?) it could make the icons bigger meaning it’s easier to push them.

This is only patent type stuff just now so it’s not clear if it will actually appear in the phone just yet.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. r u serious abt the front facing cameras … when is it going to come out plz temme fast… love u iphone .. u r the best. muuhaaaaa…

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