iPhone Duke Nukem 3D

duke-nukem-3d-iphoneiPhone owners now have Duke Nukem 3D that they can download and play. Duke Nukem 3D is a classic first person shooter from a number of years ago and works quite well ported over to the iPhone.

The iPhone version uses slider style controls with a TapShoot function. It’s different to other games but according to those who have tested it, it works well (after learning the system).

The iPhone version is available from the iTunes store and costs either £1.79 or $2.99.

‘It’s more inventive, and more entertaining, than ‘Doom. I know they’ve had long enough to get it right (but so have many others, who’ve tried and failed). ” Computer and Video Games

‘It’s rare when a game comes along that really kicks your a*s. With its free-flowing 3D action, over-the-top weapons, and ruthlessly attitudinal protagonist, Duke Nukem will have PC gamers worldwide rubbing their rumps with spine-tingling glee. ” Gamespot

‘I couldn’t stop laughing while playing this extremely enjoyable trip through what unfolds like a 1950’s science fiction B-movie: Space Aliens Invade Earth for Women!¦Duke Nukem has what most first-person shooters don’t character! ” PC Gameworld



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