iPhone CoPilot Live Now Available

copilot-live-8CoPilot Live is now available from the iPhone App Store. CoPilot is a turn-by-turn satnav package built for the iPhone that allows both iPhone 3G S and 3G users to navigate anywhere in the US.

CoPilot for iPhone has launched with an aggressive price of just $34.99. This makes it the cheapest of satnav apps available for the iPhone as others are priced at $69.99 upwards.

Maps of the US and Canada are locally stored on your iPhone which takes up over 1GB of storage space. The benefits of storing map data locally is that if you loose a mobile phone signal you can still freely navigate around rather than waiting for maps to be downloaded and updated en-route.

Looking at the screen-shots, iPhone CoPilot looks like a fantastic application and could well be the one to choose at the relatively cheap $34.99 price tag.

Available over at iTunes.

Via: GearDiary


  1. CoPilot Live for iPhone has again let down its users by providing old maps. Users get attracted by the lower package price of $34.99 but they dont realize that they are getting old maps. Maps are the heart of any Nav app and if the maps are old, app has no use.

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