iPhone Clock Breaks Again with DST Switch

Each time the clocks change in preparation for the summer, it seems that iOS devices have problems with making the change. Last time, alarms broke and this time it seems the clocks are switching an hour in the wrong direction.

This time each year, clocks move forwards an hour in the US (followed by the UK and other places shortly after). A quick search on Twitter reveals that this wasn’t the case though for a number of iPhone users who have essentially posted on twitter wondering why they woke up a couple of hours later than expected.

With the change putting the clocks backwards an hour, it actually ended up putting time 2 hours out as when it was 11am, iPhone users will have seen 9am on their clock.

It isn’t clear why Apple can’t get the clock correct and right now, it also isn’t clear if this one was a fault of the iPhone or perhaps a problem with networks pushing out the wrong time for those who have the iPhone set the clock automatically.

For those who expect clocks to change soon, it might be worth using a different alarm clock that day just to ensure you wake up at the right time. For a lot of people, it doesn’t particularly matter but for others it could mean missing a flight or another important event.

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