iPhone BatterySense App Helps You Cut Down on Battery Usage

Although the BatterySense app for the iPhone and iPad wont necessarily fix the problems with the iPhone 4S battery life, it will help you fine tune how you use your smartphone or tablet so that you can perhaps get a little bit more usage out of it each day.

BatterySense is an app created by Philips. It monitors the battery usage of your device and provides comprehensive details about how you use your iOS device and how you can expect to use it before the battery dies. It also provides some tips on how to increase battery life.

The app is divided in to several areas which tell you what you have done and can tell you what you can do with the remaining battery charge. For example, the left screenshot above shows 6 hours of Video Playback. By tapping the what if button you can get suggestions on how that might be increased a little.

Although the app obviously wont fix the iPhone 4S battery problems, it will help you use your smartphone a little more smart. Of course, Apple will be launching iOS 5.0.1 soon which addresses the problematic battery issues of the 4S, so when that arrives expect to see the device performing far better than it does now (assuming your 4S has got the battery issues).

You’ll need a WiFi connection to download the app as it’s over the limit that Apple impose for downloads over 3G.


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