iPhone AT&T Exclusivity to end Wednesday?

HotHardware are reporting that AT&T are to loose exclusivity of the Apple [AAPL] iPhone this Wednesday. No reports of other networks have been mentioned yet who are going to be taking the iPhone on-board, but this Wednesday also happens to coincide with a potential major Apple announcement which is believed to be the iSlate unveiling as well as iPhone OS 4.0 and now, perhaps the iPhone going on to other networks in the US.

Hothardware go on to mention that this could be a good thing for AT&T as the iPhone seems to be hurting their network. By giving options to customers on various networks will hopefully share the usage around and potentially lower the data used on each of the networks.

When launched on a CDMA network this could significantly increase sales. Hopefully other networks are prepared for the extra data usage (of course if all this actually ends up happening as it is just rumour right now).

Another point to mention is that AT&T could be introducing a number of smartphones on to their network that will include Windows Phone, Android and WebOS devices. We should hear more of this over the coming weeks although it will be interesting to see what happens Wednesday when the iSlate could be unveiled.

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