iPhone Approved by the FCC

The iPhone has been approved by the FCC meaning it should hit the shelves late next month. The documents which were signed have confirmed a few things too which is cool. The phone will have Bluetooth, Wifi and work on 1900MHz and 850Mhz GSM bands as well as 2 more bands making it in to a quad band phone. Unfortunately it is not 3G though which is a shame. The phone will only ship in the US at first although it would work elsewhere but be an expensive option.

Two versions of the iPhone will be made available which are the 4GB model and 8GB model which sell for $499/$599. This will be on a 2 year contract with AT&T. Although I would love to own one of these my self, I am not convinced yet that spending $600 on the 8GB version and also being locked in to a 2 year contract is for me. For a contract of that length I would expect the phone to be almost free.

Via: Networkworld

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