iPhone / Android Wireless Access Points Banned at Olympics 2012

A number of items have been banned at the Olympics 2012. A lot of them are understandable such as laser pointers, phone jammers, radio scanners and dangerous items including knives and guns. We now hear that wireless access points have been banned such as those that can be created on an iPhone or Android device.

We can assume that wireless access points are not dangerous which leads us to think that there are two other options. Perhaps the organisers of the Olympics want decent mobile phone coverage for all and are trying to prevent too much wireless at the games to keep things running smooth. Alternatively and more likely, is that BT has created a network of 1500 wireless hotspots at the games with all of the service being chargeable at £5.99 for 90 minutes, £9.99 for 24 hours or £26.99 for five days. We can assume that BT want all people to only connect through its wireless network to send tweets if 3G signals are not available or on a wireless only device.

iPhones and other devices that can create wireless hotspots wont be banned from entering the Olympic park, but they are officially on the banned list when used for creating a small network for people to connect to.



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