iPhone Alarm Clock Bug – DST Causes Alarms to Fail

When Australia switched clocks an hour a few weeks ago, a bug was spotted with the alarm clock that prevented alarms from sounding until an hour later. The bug is with recurring alarms which set of an hour later than the time set.

With Europe now switching clocks over the weekend, the bug is now here and it is expected that on November 7th the US will also see the bug in alarm clocks unless Apple [AAPL] push out a fix before hand.

Apple has acknowledged the fault and says a fix is arriving soon, but it isn’t clear when it will arrive and if it will be rolled in to the iOS 4.2 update due to launch this month.

We’ll keep an eye on things to see how they progress.

Via: Engadget


  1. John Hinman says

    I have not heard of this bug until now. I wonder to what degree it will affect the U.S. Nov 7.

    • I’ve seen some information indicating that a weird bug with the alarm is happening now in the US, but is waking people up at the wrong time in the opposite direction. Might be worth using another clock for a week or 2!

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