iPhone Accessories

iPhone Accessories
The iPhone is due to be released in June 2007 over in the US. A number of accessories are already being devised such as a screen protector for that huge screen which will no doubt scratch easy. Other accessories to be launched is a bluetooth headset, pictured above and will be compatible with other bluetooth models of phone.

I have mixed impressions of the iPhone and wonder if the high price will still allow it to sell. Most of the phones I have used only last between 12 and 18 months before they start acting up. It will be interesting to see if the iPhone will last longer then 18 months under daily usage.

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  1. Do somebody knows if i can use the iPhone (Version 1.0) in Europe also? What is the basic charges for AT&T per month? Can i buy the iPhone in usa without domicile in America? Thanks for answer. bye

  2. I am suer it will be capable of roaming in Europe if you put it on a US based plan. That would get real pricey though. If you plan to use it a lot in Europe then you might be best waiting for the EU release as the US would put you on an 18 – 24 month contract and then you would pay international roaming charges unless you can put a SIM in the iphone from Europe… but then you will still be contracted to pay the basic charges to the US.

    Waiting would be the cheaper option by far.

  3. Hello,

    You can buy iphone – info.de at ebay.de! Its a good German page about iphone!


  4. Oh jeah – i got it!
    The new Iphone on Christmas! Its realy great… i love it!

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