iPhone 5 Production Rumoured to Have Started

Although Apple [AAPL] has yet to announce the iPhone 5, or indeed set a date for the announcement, rumours are now indicating that production of the next generation iPhone has just begun.

Launch dates for the new iPhone indicate that we might be seeing it sometime between August and October which is a given really considering the iPhone 4S launched last October and Apple typically launches 1 new smartphone each year.

This years rumours are indicating that Apple is now shifting from the traditional 3.5 inch screen and is opting for a longer 4 inch screen. A change in design is also expected with the device supposedly having a glass and aluminium back.

Although rumours generally need to be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when from Digitimes, this one kind of states the obvious. It doesn’t really matter to us if production starts this week, next week or next month as we still expect a new iPhone to be launched within the next few months which means the rumour is really just stating the obvious.

As to the device having a larger screen, Apple in the past have indicated that a 3.5 inch screen works well and many are still happy with that sized screen, but we obviously cannot rule out Apple introducing a slightly larger screen.

Source, Image Credit – Overdrive Design

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