iPhone 5 Could get a Smaller Dock Connector

We’ve seen pictures before of the supposed iPhone 5 along with a smaller dock connector (see picture below), but now we are hearing even more hints that the regular 30 pin dock connector could be replaced with a smaller version taking up less space on the bottom of the device. As well as making a smaller dock connector, Apple could also be moving the 3.5mm headphone jack to the under side of the device.

The regular 30 pin dock connector will be replaced with a 19 pin connector if Reuters is correct which means that a whole host of regular (older) accessories such as sound docks will not be directly compatible unless Apple provide a small conversion kit. It isn’t known what type of connection it will be… ie, will it continue to be USB 2 or will they beef up the speed a little as well.

Reuters is the first main-stream publication to make mention of this rumour although the rumour isn’t new by any means.

If Apple do switch to the smaller connection it will likely be for the reason to save a little bit more space inside the device so that they can cram some slightly larger 4G LTE radios inside etc… Apple is also likely to adopt a NanoSIM instead of a microSIM which in turn, will also save a few more mm of space inside.

Expect the new iPhone (or iPhone 5) to launch in October this year.


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