iPhone 5 Could be HSPA+ 3G with up to 21Mbps

Apple is holding an event this coming Tuesday to talk about the iPhone. We assume this means that the iPhone 5 will be launched. China Unicom has now hinted that the iPhone 5 will be capable of connecting up to HSPA+ at speeds of up to 21Mbps.

The iPhone 4 is capable of speeds up to 7.2Mbps which means a step up to 21Mbps is quite a jump, assuming those speeds are achievable on current network conditions.

If the information from China Unicom is correct then not all networks will be capable of letting that much data flow to the handset as CDMA networks in the US (Sprint and Verizon) are still on the EVDO Rev A standard for 3G networks.

We’ll have all the details when Apple [AAPL] make the announcement this coming Tuesday.


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