iPhone 5 Cases Show Hints at a Thinner Smartphone

Some pictures circulating today show suposed iPhone 5 cases that reveal the iPhone 5 will be slimmer but a fraction wider than current models. The case has been pictured with an iPhone 4 inside which stands out of the case by a few mm.

The new cases step away from the design of the iPhone 4 in that they look to cater for tapered edges. The extra bit of width could be due to a slightly larger screen. We’ve heard 4 inches in the past which is a step up from the 3.5 seen all previous iPhones and then we heard of a 3.7 inch screen on the thumbnail leak/resize yesterday. The case is a little wide which could accomodate for the extra bit of screen assuming the bezel stays the same width.

What isn’t clear at the moment is if this particular case is correct, or perhaps just a best guess. Apple will likely hand out dimensions so that manufactures can have cases ready in time and very occasionally we do see cases that match new products when launched. We won’t know for sure until Apple makes the iPhone 5 announcement though.

Source Via: Mashable

Update: Other similar cases can be seen at TechCrunch.

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