iPhone 5 Case and Mockup Pictured – Video

We are yet to find out what the next generation iPhone will look like. We can asume it will be called the iPhone 5 but other than that we don’t know if it will retain the same design as the iPhone 4 or if it will look completely different. BENM.AT have managed to create a mockup of what they believe the iPhone 5 will look like. It was created with CAD drawings and was created from a block of aluminium.

As can be seen in the picture above, the iPhone 5 could be extremely thin. If the CAD drawings used were the real deal then we are looking at quite a sleek looking device here. The downside is that the CAD drawings were created based on rumours and were not leaked from Apple [AAPL]. The mockup is based on what the company has seen in rumours around the web which includes some case “leaks” and descriptions found such as it having a larger screen.

As the iPhone 5 has taken several months longer to launch than previous generations we expect it to be something groundbreaking. Take a look at the video below to see a demo of the fake iPhone 5.

Source Via: Engadget

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