iPhone 5 Announcement Expected October 4

It is looking more likely that Apple [AAPL] will hold a media event on the 4th October. At this event the new iPhone 5 is expected to be announced. This time around it wont be Steve Jobs making the announcement. Instead, Tim Cook the new CEO of Apple will be leading the event.

As well as hinting (from a reliable source) the iPhone 5 announcement date, AllThingsD also report that the iPhone 5 will launch within weeks of the announcement.

Nothing official is known about the device yet. We’ve covered a number of rumours over the last few months with some saying there will be two models announced and others hinting at larger screens, better cameras, faster CPU, more RAM. Most of these are obvious changes but what we are yet to be sure on is the design of the iPhone 5. Some hint at it staying the same as the iPhone 4 while others say it will be more inspired by the tapered edges of the iPad 2. We’ll find out for sure in the next couple of weeks.

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