iPhone 4S Siri Might Not Make You Look Like a Geek

When the iPhone 4S was announced last week one of the highlights was Siri which acts as a personal assistant that you control with your voice. Although it sounds great I couldn’t help but think it could/would also make you look like a bit of a geek if using it when anyone else is around.

Luckily, this might not be the case though as DaringFireball has confirmed that Siri by default is set to activate when you hold up the iPhone 4S to your ear:

You might wonder, Hey, don’t you feel like a jerk walking around the city talking to your phone? But here’s the thing: Siri, by default, kicks in when you hold the iPhone up to your ear, so you can talk to it and it looks like you’re on a phone call.

With that in mind I’m actually tempted to give it a try if needed while out and about. What are your thoughts? would you sit in a restaurant and talk away to your iPhone 4S this way? or do you not particularly care either way and will just use it regardless?

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