iPhone 4S Sample Photos Uploaded

One of the updates on the new iPhone 4S is the camera. It now has an 8 Megapixel sensor that is backlit and has modified optics to capture more light. The results are now available on the Apple website showing the standard images that were seen yesterday in the iPhone 4S announcement.

The full resolution of the picture above is 3264 × 2448 and is just one of 8 pictures made available to show the quality the camera can capture.

One thing to note with these samples are that Apple will have chosen the best quality images out of many that were taken. What this means is that when you get to use the camera your photos might not be as good quality in some cases. Until we can test ourselves we don’t really know for sure how good the camera will be. What we do like is that it captures video in full HD and that it also is extremely quick at capturing the first photo. We’ll wait to see more when it arrives for review.


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