iPhone 4S Has 512MB of RAM

We already heard rumblings of the iPhone 4S having just 512MB of RAM and this has now been confirmed by both iFixit who took the iPhone 4S apart yesterday and by Anandtech who did some research on the part numbers found on the chips found inside.

The possible reasons for Apple choosing to use a lower amount of RAM are likely to do with power consumption. The more RAM the more cells that need updating.

Will this affect performance on the iPhone 4S? Anandtech thinks in some ways not but that we might see less textures in games for example:

Many are surprised by the inclusion of only 512MB of RAM on the A5’s PoP stack, however since most apps not in use are kept out of memory to begin with having more memory doesn’t actually buy you a whole lot of performance.

From what we have tested today there certainly is a decent performance increase on the 4S when compared to the iPhone 4.

So, a slight compromise it seems on performance of the battery vs performance of games. Differences probably wont be noticed as the benchmarks from earlier this week showed some impressive results against competition.


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