iPhone 4S Delivered Early in Germany

Apple [AAPL] could be shipping out the iPhone 4S a little earlier than expected. We see that some Apple customers in Germany have already received an iPhone 4S through the post today.

The official release date is October 14 which is this coming Friday. What we don’t know at the moment is where the German iPhone 4Ses were shipped from. It could be from a network or it could be direct from Apple. Either way we are inclined to think that Apple could be sending them out a little earlier to customers, perhaps in a similar way to the original iPad when it launched.

Listen out for the door over the next few days as it could be an iPhone 4S being delivered early.

What you are looking at in the screenshot above is Siri running. This is the voice activated service which allows you to tell the iPhone 4S what you want it to do. It currently works in English (US/UK) and German as seen in the screenshot above.


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