iPhone 4S Battery Life Possible Temporary Fix

The iPhone 4S battery can be terrible for some. It has been widely reported online that a number of users are not getting to the end of the day (or even end of business hours) without having to recharge or let their new iPhone 4S battery die.

It appears to be more of a software issue than a hardware issue as a number of users have been testing switching off the location service for setting the the time zone. It appears that iOS 5 on the 4S has a problem with regularly checking what timezone a user is in and this repeat checking of the current location is using up a lot of battery power.

There are a couple of ways to disable the iPhone from checking it’s current location. The first is to navigate to Settings > Location Services and switch off the option as seen above. The other option is to go to Settings > General > Data & Time > Set Automatically (OFF).

We can assume that Apple is on to this and that an update in the near future (perhaps iOS 5.0.1) will address this. We are suspecting there’s also some issues with iMessage and also location based reminders that will need looking at too. When not using these my own 4S gets through about 30 – 36 hours of usage rather than the 15 or so when enabling the mentioned features.


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