iPhone 4S Audio Echo Bug Found

We’ve heard quite a bit about the iPhone 4S having problems since launch. The main problem identified was the issue of the battery being killed quite quickly. Some users reportedly cannot get through the business day without having to plug in around 3pm. Now that the battery issue seems to have settled down a bit thanks to what appears to be a bug found in the time sync and locations settings, we now hear that the 4S also has an echo problem when using wired headsets.

The complaints in the Apple discussions area suggest that when using the official Apple earphones or 3rd party ear/head phones to hold a phone conversation the call begins to get an echo when in the middle of a call. The timing of the echo can vary from about 30 seconds even up to about 12 minutes.

Getting rid of the echo isn’t a matter of just unplugging and replugging in the headphones though as the echo continues once it has started. The only known way to get rid of the echo without ending a call is to temporarily switch to speakerphone and then back to the headset. This then delays the echo for a few minutes more on average.

We expect a new iOS 5 bug fix out in the next few weeks which will address various battery issues mentioned at the beginning of this post as well as address the echo. Both (in my opinion) are software related which means an update should resolve the issue.


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