iPhone 4S 32GB Model Estimated at $203 to Build

Each time a new popular gadget launches various companies attempt to calculate what profit margins the company will see. With the announcement of the Apple iPhone 4S a few days ago, we now have the first breakdown of what one company thinks it costs to make.

The estimated build cost of the new iPhone 4S is $203. This is for the 32GB model. The selling price for this particular version is about $749 depending on how you buy it (ie, subsidised or not).

The estimated cost almost matches that of the iPhone 4 when that launched last year.

On to the iPhone 4S, some are left disappointed with the device. Due to waiting a few more months than normal for it, a lot expected a lot more such as a larger screen and new design. Apple essentially fixed the antenna (tests are still to be conducted on this) and have of course spruced up the camera, processor and RAM. Another feature is Siri which allows you to tell your phone what to do with a natural voice.

We’ll have to wait till we get an iPhone 4S before we can decide if it’s a worthwhile upgrade, although whatever the reviews say, good or bad, Apple [AAPL] will still sell a ton of these and shipping times will quickly go from arriving on the day of launch to 2 to 3 weeks and longer.


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