iPhone 4G Visual Roundup

A number of rumours about the next gen iPhone have been floating around over the last few months. Similar to the Apple iSlate roundup picture we posted last week, the iPhone 4G rumours roundup covers all rumours and their potential of actually happening measured in percent.

The image shows the back and front of the phone. On the back the rumours include a glowing Apple logo which is marked as low as possible at just 1% chance of happening. Other features on the back include an LED flash, 5 megapixel camera, touch sensitive case, full metal unibody case and a removable battery.

On the front of the Apple [AAPL] device there’s a front facing video camera, an OLED display and contacts that show up on the home screen. On the inside there’s a 64GB NAND Flash, dual-core processor and more RAM, RFID chip for contactless payments and perhaps security.

Overall the rendering does show what the iPhone 4G might be capable of. Larger picture below. A launch date of mid this year has been given a 99% possibility.

Via: Nowhereelse

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