iPhone 4 Vapor4 Case Looks Amazing

The iPhone 4 bumper case is simply a bit or plastic or rubber that stretches around the outer edges of the phone and protects the glass from touching surfaces as well as protecting the edges of the phone.

The Vapor4 is exactly the same in that it covers the edges of the iPhone 4 and protects it… but the difference here is that the Vapor4 actually looks amazingly nice.

As well as looking good, it will also fix the antenna issues with the iPhone 4 when in bad signal areas. It achieves this by lining the insides of the aluminium casing with a material that prevents the antenna from touching the casing, thus your hand cant break the signal. In tests the company found no interference.

The case has all the right sections cut out allowing you to attach the dock connector, power it on and off and access volume etc… Overall it’s very impressive.

The downside is that the Vapor4 isn’t the cheapest case around. It actually makes the expensive iPhone 4 bumper from Apple [AAPL] look cheap in that this model costs $80 for the enclosure and for an extra $20 you get the V4Carbon back to insert on the back of your iPhone 4 to give it a different look and protect the back glass.

Via: Gizmodo and Element Case


  1. Those cases are great looking bumper cases. i saw one like armor case, same price with this one but this one looks good.

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