iPhone 4 units getting Delivered Today

We mentioned earlier today that it appeared that the iPhone 4 from Apple [AAPL] could be landing early in the US. We expected some to show up tomorrow which would make it a day early. However, it looks like some are being delivered today. A few photos have been sent in to Engadget that show an iPhone 4 being unboxed.

It is unclear why the iPhone 4 is shipping early in the US although some believe it could be related to potential activation issues after all the pre-ordering issues that happened last week. By letting some out early it could space the load out on the Apple and AT&T [T] servers making the official launch day run a little smoother.

For the iPhone 4 UK pre-orders, it appears that very few are getting shipping confirmations. Hopefully that doesn’t mean they are expected late, but it certainly looks like they wont be on a TNT or UPS truck in the morning.

Have you received your iPhone 4 early? and if in the UK, have you heard anything about your iPhone 4 delivery? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I placed an order over the phone with carphonewarehouse in the UK. In fact it was CPW who phoned me and said that I was due for an upgrade and as loyal 02 customer I would get priorty in ordering the phone first. I decided to upgrade and now its due to be delivered on day of lauch between 7.30am – 9pm lets hope its the earlier part of the day 🙂

    Anyone else been as lucky as me to have got this call from CPW??

  2. My iPhone 4 is with UPS for delivery tomorrow (24th June) in th UK. I have a tracking number but as of yet UPS isn’t finding it. Still a little early in the morning I assume.

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