iPhone 4 UK: Reserve a Contract iPhone for Collection on June 24

The Apple store might be down and not allowing pre-orders of the iPhone 4 in the UK, but if you head on over to the online retail store you can reserve an iPhone over there for collection. The good news with doing it this way is that you get 3 options when purchasing. You can select from PAYG, SIM Free or Contract. We just pre-ordered a contract model ready for collection in Brighton on June 24.

Unfortunately contract details are not readily available just yet, but as there is no real commitment other than logging in to the Apple website to let them know who you are, you can either just not show up, or just choose something different on the day of launch.

We suspect that when collecting and paying for your iPhone that you’ll be presented with all the network options so you can make a choice in store for what you want, and get it subsidised too.

Head on over to the online retail store now and select what model you want and then select what type of SIM you want (as in contract, PAYG etc…).

When you come into the Apple Retail Store, we’ll get you activated fast at our iPhone Activation Zone. Before you leave, we’ll get you set up to make calls, browse the web and receive personal email right on the spot.
What you need to purchase and activate iPhone:

New iPhone owners

Pay & Go plans*:

* UK credit or debit card (with account number and sort code)
* PAC code from your current network if you want to keep your existing phone number with o2 or Orange

Pay Monthly rate plans**, in addition to the above, you’ll also need:

* Proof of current address (driving licence or recently paid utility bill)
* To agree to pay your monthly o2, Orange or Vodafone bill via direct debit

If you have recently moved or think additional documentation may be required to complete your credit check, please bring any of the following items showing your full name and current address and dated within the last three months:

For all three carriers you bring the following:

* Driving license or passport
* Recent utility bill
* Bank statement or building society statement

Current iPhone owners and existing o2 & Orange customers

There are a variety of upgrade options for existing customers. To learn more about upgrading to iPhone, please visit your local Apple Retail Store.
Business customers.

Current and new iPhone users who now receive or will receive service under a corporate account and wish to purchase iPhone need to contact o2, Orange or Vodafone directly. Also, if you want your iPhone to access your business email account, check with your IT manager first.
What to expect.

If you’ve reserved your iPhone, we will set it aside on the date you nominate and have it waiting for you in-store***


  1. rashpal singh says

    hi i wnt to buy iphone 4 plz tell me how i can get it what is the easy way for me i am so busy

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