iPhone 4 UK Release Date – June 24

Today at WWDC, Apple [AAPL] announced the iPhone 4. Along with that announcement came the details of launch dates. We were quite surprised to see the speed that Apple are rolling out the new iPhone 4 with five countries listed for June 24.

The iPhone 4 UK release date is June 24 where you’ll be able to possibly upgrade at a good price, or pick up a new handset on various networks. O2 has already uploaded an iPhone 4 page where you can register your interest although there are no prices as of yet mentioned. We suspect prices will appears on June 15 when pre-orders start. Carphone warehouse is another company who have put details of the iPhone up although no pricing is available there either.

We’ll keep an eye out on prices for the UK iPhone 4 and update as soon as we get them. We’ll also keep an eye out for other networks offering deals and when all prices are available we’ll make sure you can access them in one location to help you make the best choice to get your hands on the new handset.

Lets just hope Apple have some good deals in the UK on this as I was quite impressed with the prices AT&T has given for those who upgrade.

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