iPhone 4 UK Price – £870 if you Pre-Order on eBay

eBay has confirmed that some crazy people can be found in the UK. The iPhone 4 UK price is not known yet as none of the carriers have announced it although we are expecting them to soon. What we see here though is that eBay has a number of iPhone 4 devices for sale and ready to ship on June 25… ie, the seller pre-orders one next week, it arrives on the 24th at which point he ships on the 24th and it arrives on the 25th.

I can’t yet find a reason why anyone would bid on a device that you can order (we assume cheaper than £870) on June 15 and get it a day earlier. However, on this particular auction it looks like 15 people joined the bidding war with the winner walking away with what looks to be an over priced iPhone. They claim to be factory unlocked although it seems like a jailbreak and unlock is being made available shortly after launch anyway.

We have noticed that some of the iPhone 4 completed auctions have actually been cancelled and removed although it isn’t clear if the seller or eBay themselves cancelled them.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy an iPhone 4 on ebay?

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