iPhone 4 UK: O2 micro SIM Details Emerge

O2 is following tradition of this past week and leaking just a little bit more information out about the iPhone 4 and has revealed details of how to pick up a micro SIM ready for the iPhone 4 UK launch. Unfortunately the details are for new and existing customers and not those who already purchased an iPhone 4 direct from Apple (unlocked).

If you are an existing customer and order an iPhone 4 from O2 (store pickup on June 24 only) you’ll get a new micro SIM with the phone. Write down the 19 digit number written on the card when you get it.

When installed in your iPhone 4 you need to switch the iPhone 4 on which then asks you to sync with iTunes. When you do that you’ll need your SSN number (the 19 digit number you wrote down) and once entered your new micro SIM will be active and old SIM will die… problem here is that there is up to a 24 hour delay before you can use the microSIM although we suspect it will be less.

If you are a PAYG customer you will get an O2 micro SIM in the box with the iPhone 4. You can activate this the normal way by putting it in your iPhone 4 and syncing with iTunes.

What we are more interested in though is pricing. Only Orange iPhone 4 prices are known over here at the moment. We suspect other networks will follow shortly.

Also what we don’t know yet is how those with unlocked iPhone 4’s direct from Apple will be able to get their new phones working as networks do not have details of how to get the new micro SIM cards yet and some are saying you wont be able to get them until launch date or after. All confusing!


  1. Anonymous says

    Quick heads up, Orange has Micro Sims in stock in their retail stores – ready to go! £25/month for the iPhone 30 day SIMO plan – 600 mins, UNL Texts and Data (fair use policy applies) There is nothing to stop you connecting to the tariff with a micro sim today!

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