iPhone 4 UK Coming to Vodafone, Orange and O2

The iPhone 4 UK launch is scheduled for June 24 here in the UK. Three networks so far have confirmed that they will be selling the iPhone 4 on launch day. These networks include Orange, O2 and Vodafone. Carphonewarehouse will also be offering the iPhone 4 although they sell for other networks rather than owning their own network.

Unfortunately pricing for the UK iPhone 4 has not been revealed yet although Geeky Gadgets has made a few estimates based on pricing + tax when compared to the subsidised versions over at AT&T. Estimations indicate that we could be getting the iPhone 4 in the UK for £169 for the 16GB version and £249 for the 32GB version although with the vast array of tariffs we have in the UK, we probably will see a free model on the higher end price range with prices varying in between for the amount you are willing to commit each month.

It is expected that we will see prices revealed either this Friday, or perhaps even Monday just ahead of the pre-orders opening up on Tuesday June 15.

We’ll keep you updated, but for now check out the iPhone 4 and see what it can do.

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