iPhone 4 Siri Port Now Working

Since the launch of the iPhone 4S a handful of developers have been working on getting Siri ported on to other iOS 5 devices. Progress in the beginning wasn’t the best as only the GUI was ported over. One developer has now managed to successfully port Siri over to the iPhone 4 (and iPod touch) and get it talking to the servers at Apple.

The video below shows a demonstration of Siri being used on an iPhone 4 and as you’ll see, it’s a fully working port. Directions work, questions work and all appears to be fully functional.

To see a comparison of how it runs compared to the iPhone 4S, both devices are activated with Siri at the same time and it reveals that performance is identical with the same answers being provided at the same time.

The port requires files from the iPhone 4S which the person behind the port is unable to distribute (as they are not his to do so). A validation token from a 4S is also needed. We believe this is used so that the iPhone 4 is recognised as an authorised device by the Apple servers.

The developer will not be releasing the Siri port due to legal reasons although he believes that when the instructions are released, others will package an app together on Cydia for people to buy or download for free.

The two videos below show the side by side comparison with an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S as well as the port working on an iPod touch. Note that for the iPod touch the microphone is not as good and requires you speak loud and clear.


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